Perpetual Stock

We’re Prepared for the Unexpected with Perpetual Roll Stock

We maintain a massive inventory of paperboard roll stock on-site, an investment that allows us to meet unexpected client demand and volatility in the paperboard supply chain. We take the risks associated with carrying vast amounts of paper inventory, so our customers can have peace of mind when it comes to their packaging stock levels. In the event of unforeseen or unplanned shortages of packaging inventory, we can still fulfill their orders quickly and expedite delivery by drawing on the reserves in our perpetual stock.

We stock various board types, calipers and dimensions and we can inventory specific paper stock based on customer preference. The stock is maintained in-house and at a nearby warehousing facility for immediate access. Most of our stock is sourced domestically, though occasionally we take advantage of competitive paper pricing options overseas.

Sheet cutting is conducted in our facility for immediate press availability.